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Czech market update 9.2017

News 2017-09-11 simontweddle

The Czech property market prices have been rising quite well over the last couple of years (around 10%/year). We're often asked on our view if this…

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Tentative signs that property prices are rising in Slovakia

News 2017-01-11 simontweddle

Since the peak of 2008, Slovak property prices either fell or were flat for much of the last 7 years, which has been pretty depressing to…

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Polish property market breaks records in 2016

News 2017-01-10 simontweddle

In some regards the Polish property market broke records in 2016, and in other regards it was a very normal year. With one of the lowest…

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The Prague property market (should you buy or sell?) – good & bad perspectives

News 2017-01-10 simontweddle

The Prague (and to some extent the whole Czech) property market is growing well, which raises interesting strategy issues for both buyers and sellers – whether…

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Sofia property market trends 2016

News 2016-12-08 simontweddle

A significant rise in sales, a constant upward trend in prices and increased interest in newly built homes have marked the housing property market in Sofia in 2016. Yet, buyers…

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Can foreigners buy property in Bulgaria?

Know-how 2016-10-19 simontweddle

The simple answer is that anyone can buy property freely in Bulgaria, no matter what your nationality. Previously there were various restrictions which meant that foreigners…

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Can foreigners buy property in Poland?

Know-how 2016-10-04 simontweddle

EU citizens can freely buy properties in Poland, except from agricultural land and forests. Non EU citizens (apartments) who have a visa or permission for long term stay in…

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Speed vs Caution when investing in property – how fast to buy?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-21 simontweddle

We always recommend investors to take their time when investing in property and to do as much diligence as possible. Getting a property investment wrong can…

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Property prices in Prague increase 11% year-on-year

News 2016-09-16 simontweddle

The average price of apartments in Prague and other regional towns in the Czech Republic increased by 11.1 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2016,…

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Old vs new property – which is a better investment?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-13 simontweddle

We're often asked by investors whether they should be buying a new or old property, and which is the better investment. So lets take a look at…

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