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Rentflow – Property Management Software

Sim Property uses best in class, cloud based, property management software, called Rentflow, with advanced market leading functionality across multiple countries/currencies/languages, that gives our clients the latest reporting and keeps us organised & efficient.

Click on the thumbnails below to see example images from our system as a property owner would see them (last updated in 2015):

The software has advanced functionality allowing us as property managers to manage properties effectively across multiple different countries (eg Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria etc) in multiple currencies and languages, and allow clear and transparent communication with our clients.

For any landlord or property manager there is a myriad of small items that must be tracked and dealt with on a regular basis. With just one property this task is not such a big deal, however, with multiple properties good property management software makes the task much more efficient, less hassle and cuts out needless errors (which are common with many property management companies).

As a property manager with hundreds of units in multiple countries, such as Sim Property, such software is vital, otherwise our business would be a big mess (we can’t believe how other companies function without it!).

See what our software means for our clients

  • see all details of your property (address, ID’s, map, sizes, photos, floors and so on)
  • see details of all incoming (eg rents) and outgoing (eg electricity, service charges, insurance) payments
  • see which payments are handled by your property manager and which by you the owner
  • full deposit tracking
  • see a full history of all rental contracts (and all expected rental payments)
  • see predicted future cashflows to allow you to better plan your finances / mortgage payments
  • 24/7/365 access
  • real-time updates (no waiting til the end of the month for a report)
  • see all historical and future expected bill payments
  • filter & sort on all actual payments (with export to Excel)
  • downloads of relevant documents (eg rental contracts, handover protocols, bill statements)
  • see multiple properties in multiple countries in multiple currencies in one system
  • 14 languages (en, cs, sk, pl, bg, ru, es, it, pt, ro, he, tr, fr, de) [more available on request]
  • give access to third persons to the property (eg your secretary / financial advisor)
  • contact your property manager directly

See what our software means for the property manager

  • efficient rent and debt tracking
  • bill/expense payments tracking, so they are made on time
  • efficient resolution of issues and detailed history
  • quick access to full details of property / tenants / payments for better resolutions and communication
  • better coordination between multiple locations and staff
  • efficient tax reporting
  • clearer reporting for tenants
  • automated rental/management/accountancy fee calculations
  • automated VAT compliance
  • efficient tracking and reporting of all fees
  • efficient tracking, reporting and resolution of maintenance issues
  • client communication tracker
  • full CRM
  • easily create and publish rental & sale offers on properties
  • track which properties are not rented and when current rental contracts are due to expire (ie reduce vacancies for your clients)

Contact us for more information about Rentflow’s property management software and/or to see a demo of the software.

Client feedback on our property management software

  • Hi Simon, Ive just been catching up on accounts and just wanted to say how great your online system is. Its so easy to use, its great! we have dealt with lots of companies over the years and i always spent ages trying to get what i needed but your is so intuitive, its great! thanks, Tony

    Tony - CZ

  • Dear Simon, Your website is excellent and does provide/answer most of my needs. Even to the extent of understanding the balance of the finances! Kind regards Walter

    Walter Brown - Kosice, SK

  • Simon I have logged on to my online account and it is very impressive and userfriendly. Thanks Neel

    Neel Sahai - Brno, CZ

  • simon, i went onto the website a few days ago and i think this is the best online reporting i have seen for any of our properties. thanks david

    David Bauernfeind - CZ & SK