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Czech market update 9.2017

News 2017-09-11 simontweddle

The Czech property market prices have been rising quite well over the last couple of years (around 10%/year). We're often asked on our view if this…

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Tentative signs that property prices are rising in Slovakia

News 2017-01-11 simontweddle

Since the peak of 2008, Slovak property prices either fell or were flat for much of the last 7 years, which has been pretty depressing to…

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Polish property market breaks records in 2016

News 2017-01-10 simontweddle

In some regards the Polish property market broke records in 2016, and in other regards it was a very normal year. With one of the lowest…

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Can foreigners buy property in Bulgaria?

Know-how 2016-10-19 simontweddle

The simple answer is that anyone can buy property freely in Bulgaria, no matter what your nationality. Previously there were various restrictions which meant that foreigners…

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Can foreigners buy property in Poland?

Know-how 2016-10-04 simontweddle

EU citizens can freely buy properties in Poland, except from agricultural land and forests. Non EU citizens (apartments) who have a visa or permission for long term stay in…

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Speed vs Caution when investing in property – how fast to buy?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-21 simontweddle

We always recommend investors to take their time when investing in property and to do as much diligence as possible. Getting a property investment wrong can…

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Old vs new property – which is a better investment?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-13 simontweddle

We're often asked by investors whether they should be buying a new or old property, and which is the better investment. So lets take a look at…

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Czech mortgages – LTV decreasing

News 2016-07-28 simontweddle

New rules being introduced by the Czech National Bank mean that soon Czech banks will no longer be legally able to offer 100% LTV mortgages (the…

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Why buy property in the Czech Republic?

Not only have we had record temperatures this July in the Czech Republic, but the property market is Prague continues to get hotter and hotter. For…

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Basic property purchase cashflow model for Prague, Czech Republic

Know-how News 2016-03-04 simontweddle

Currently investing in property in the Czech Republic is very attractive, both due to short and long term factors. Below we outline a basic cashflow model…

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