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Can foreigners buy property in Bulgaria?

Know-how 2016-10-19 simontweddle

The simple answer is that anyone can buy property freely in Bulgaria, no matter what your nationality. Previously there were various restrictions which meant that foreigners…

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How tenant bills are handled in the Czech Republic

Know-how 2016-10-11 simontweddle

We're often asked by our foreign property management clients, who are not familiar with the Czech system, how the utility bills connected with their property are handled when…

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Market trends in Ovcha Kupel, Sofia

News 2016-10-07 simontweddle

Sim Property manages a lot of apartments in the south-west of Sofia, in particular, in an area called Ovcha Kupel. We're often asked by clients owning property…

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Rents are rising in the Czech Republic

News 2016-10-04 simontweddle

Due to the large number of properties Sim Property manages we have quite accurate data of real rental trends through our online system, which give a…

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Can foreigners buy property in Poland?

Know-how 2016-10-04 simontweddle

EU citizens can freely buy properties in Poland, except from agricultural land and forests. Non EU citizens (apartments) who have a visa or permission for long term stay in…

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Czech motorway network grows in 2016

News 2016-09-30 simontweddle

The Czech motorway network is expected to grow by 15.6 km in 2016 and a further 16 km in 2017. Eventually such improvements in the country's…

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Negative equity in Poland and how Polish banks deal with it

Know-how News 2016-09-27 simontweddle

Primarily as a result of the popularity of Swiss Franc (CHF) mortgages during the Polish property boom of 2004-2008, the subsequent increasing exchange rate between the CHF…

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Speed vs Caution when investing in property – how fast to buy?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-21 simontweddle

We always recommend investors to take their time when investing in property and to do as much diligence as possible. Getting a property investment wrong can…

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What is the Sim Property “Reserve fund” for property management clients?

Know-how 2016-09-21 simontweddle

For all of the properties Sim Property (SIM) manages on behalf of our clients we retain an amount of money, which we call the Reserve fund. This…

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Why SIM charges property management fees on parking / garages spaces

Know-how 2016-09-20 simontweddle

Sim Property manages a lot of parking and garage spaces. In many cases new build apartments are bought with a garage space, sometimes these garages are rented…

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