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Where can non-EU citizens buy property to get EU residency?

Know-how 2016-02-22 simontweddle

Many poorer EU countries, struggling under austerity and desperate to attract investment, have introduced a scheme that allows wealthy foreign investors to buy property in their…

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Reasons why you should buy property in the Czech Republic today

News 2016-02-18 simontweddle

Currently the Czech Republic is being overlooked by the main stream, however, there are some excellent reasons to invest there: Property prices are rising steadily and…

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Should you invest in Germany today?

News 2016-02-18 simontweddle

Germany has been attracting a lot of attention from international investors of late (even though the market has been increasing for around 4 years now), particularly…

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CEE property market overview 2015

As the new year of 2015 unfolds the general investment environment is largely more positive than it has been since the financial crisis of 2007/08. Many…

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