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What is the Sim Property “Reserve fund” for property management clients?

Know-how 2016-09-21 simontweddle

For all of the properties Sim Property (SIM) manages on behalf of our clients we retain an amount of money, which we call the Reserve fund. This…

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Why SIM charges property management fees on parking / garages spaces

Know-how 2016-09-20 simontweddle

Sim Property manages a lot of parking and garage spaces. In many cases new build apartments are bought with a garage space, sometimes these garages are rented…

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Benefits of giving SIM PoA to sell your property

Know-how 2016-08-24 simontweddle

Once a price has been agreed between buyer and seller there are many documents that need to be prepared, signed and notarised for the sale to…

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Real estate agents must change their thinking

News Philosophy 2016-07-28 simontweddle

Simon Tweddle: „ Applicants for a job in the real estate industry need to understand, that it´s not just buy – sell. A agent should first…

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How does Sim Property manage properties across so many locations?

Sim Property provides a one-stop-shop of extensive services for property investors across a wide range of locations, and we're often asked how do we do it…

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Sim Property’s new website

News 2015-05-28 simontweddle

Sim Property launches a new website platform. It provides deeper integration with our backend systems, and hope it delivers better access to our properties and market…

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Sim Bank Accounts

News 2015-01-01 simontweddle

Sim Property - Bank Accounts Country Company Account where all sim invoices are paid to/from Client Account where all client rents & bills etc are paid…

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