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How to find and choose the best property management company

It is a big challenge to own an investment property, with a wide range of things you need to take care of, especially if you live…

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Sofia rents on the up

News 2017-09-19 simontweddle

In the past couple of years rental prices in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, have risen on average between 8 and 10%, according to the latest statistics.…

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Pros & cons of short vs long term rentals for owners

We’re often asked by property owners whether it’s better for them to rent out their properties either on a short or long term basis. This article…

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Sofia property market trends 2016

News 2016-12-08 simontweddle

A significant rise in sales, a constant upward trend in prices and increased interest in newly built homes have marked the housing property market in Sofia in 2016. Yet, buyers…

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How tenant bills are handled in Bulgaria?

Know-how 2016-10-24 simontweddle

We're often asked by our foreign property management clients, who are not familiar with the Bulgarian system, how the utility bills connected with their property are handled when a…

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Can foreigners buy property in Bulgaria?

Know-how 2016-10-19 simontweddle

The simple answer is that anyone can buy property freely in Bulgaria, no matter what your nationality. Previously there were various restrictions which meant that foreigners…

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Market trends in Ovcha Kupel, Sofia

News 2016-10-07 simontweddle

Sim Property manages a lot of apartments in the south-west of Sofia, in particular, in an area called Ovcha Kupel. We're often asked by clients owning property…

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Bulgaria Property Tax Overview

Know-how 2016-08-05 simontweddle

This article gives an overview of the main taxes that a property owner would need to deal with in Bulgaria. Personal tax number Property owners must…

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How does Sim Property manage properties across so many locations?

Sim Property provides a one-stop-shop of extensive services for property investors across a wide range of locations, and we're often asked how do we do it…

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CEE property market overview 2015

As the new year of 2015 unfolds the general investment environment is largely more positive than it has been since the financial crisis of 2007/08. Many…

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