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How to prepare an apartment for rent?

Preparing an apartment for rent is the first step in the entire process of finding a tenant. This is a very important stage, especially in the…

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Czech property tax to double in 2024

Know-how News 2023-11-30 simontweddle

The Czech government has recently passed a law resulting in the amount of property tax owners have to pay in the Czech Republic doubling in 2024.…

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Property management of residential buildings for rent

Know-how 2023-11-28 simontweddle

We usually associate the management of residential buildings with a housing community or cooperative, but there are many buildings that require a different form of management.…

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What is rental property management?

Rental property management is a relatively new service on the real estate market in Poland, which is often confused with real estate brokerage or property management,…

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Higher property purchase tax in Poland from 2024 will hit small and medium-sized investors

Know-how News 2023-10-26 simontweddle

When purchasing property on the secondary market in Poland it is obliged to pay property purchase tax (abreviated in Polish: PCC) which is 2% of the…

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Poland apartment sales growing again and prices rising

Know-how News 2023-09-08 simontweddle

After a standstill on the residential property market in Poland, the long-awaited revival has finally arrived. The downtime was mainly caused by the lower or no…

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Higher property tax for entrepreneurs in Poland

Know-how News 2023-02-20 simontweddle

According to the latest interpretation of the Ministry of Finance, entrepreneurs earning from renting apartments are to pay almost 29 times more property tax than people…

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New rental income tax rules in Poland for 2023

Know-how News 2022-12-13 simontweddle

From 1st January 2023, new rules regarding how to pay rental income tax by individuals will apply. Until now, individuals could either pay rental income on…

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Tenant’s insurance in Poland – what is it and is it worth it?

Know-how News 2021-11-23 simontweddle

Tenant’s insurance is a third party liability insurance policy that secures against damages caused by a tenant in the rented property. Such damage must be caused…

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Obligatory heating meter readings in Poland?

Know-how News 2021-11-10 simontweddle

Recent increases in the price of electricity and gas affects the bills paid by owners and tenants. This includes heating bills. We already know that it…

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