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EU court decision on Polish mortgages in Swiss Francs (CHF)

News 2019-10-10 simontweddle

Last week an EU court decided that clauses of a mortgage indexed in CHF are illegal and should be removed. In consequence the mortgage should be…

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Spanish property repossessions and Dacion en Pago

Know-how News 2017-05-02 simontweddle

Many of our clients (particularly from the UK & Ireland) own property in Spain, and unfortunately over the last few years (due to falling property prices, low…

Read more partners with Sim Property for Czech mortgages

News 2016-12-07 simontweddle

We're proud to announce that has chosen Sim Property to provide their clients with Czech mortgages. Sim Property can get clients great rates on mortgages…

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Czech mortgages getting more expensive

News 2016-11-28 simontweddle

New financial regulations are being introduced in the Czech Republic on the 1st December 2016, for example, mortgage banks will no longer be able to charge…

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Negative equity in Poland and how Polish banks deal with it

Know-how News 2016-09-27 simontweddle

Primarily as a result of the popularity of Swiss Franc (CHF) mortgages during the Polish property boom of 2004-2008, the subsequent increasing exchange rate between the CHF…

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Change of Czech property sales tax rules

News 2016-08-16 simontweddle

It was recently announced that the government have finally signed into law the change of Czech property sales (transfer) tax rules. The result is the seller of…

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Swiss mortgages in Poland saga

News 2016-08-09 simontweddle

It all started in mid January 2015 when the Swiss National Bank decided not to defend its exchange rate against the euro. This resulted in a…

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Czech mortgages – LTV decreasing

News 2016-07-28 simontweddle

New rules being introduced by the Czech National Bank mean that soon Czech banks will no longer be legally able to offer 100% LTV mortgages (the…

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How to avoid high Czech mortgage redemption penalties

Know-how 2016-04-01 simontweddle

How to avoid high Czech mortgage redemption penalties At Sim Property we’ve done a lot of sales over the years for our clients throughout the Czech…

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Max LTV decreasing for mortgages in Germany

News 2016-03-09 simontweddle

The max LTV for foreigners looking to get a mortgage in Germany is currently 70%, however, due to changes in the mortgage laws this will decrease…

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