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Change of Czech property sales tax rules

News 2016-08-16 simontweddle

It was recently announced that the government have finally signed into law the change of Czech property sales (transfer) tax rules. The result is the seller of…

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Czech Company Databoxes

Know-how 2016-04-14 simontweddle

This article is only relevant if you own a Czech property via a Czech company. A Czech databox („datová schránka“ in Czech) is the electronic method…

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Czech property tax overview

This article gives an overview of the main taxes that a property owner would need to deal with in the Czech Republic. Personal tax number Property…

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Czech property sales tax

Know-how 2016-04-01 simontweddle

UPDATE: this article is now redundant as the property sales tax has been converted into a buying tax from 1.11.2016. When selling a property in the…

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