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How to find and choose the best property management company

It is a big challenge to own an investment property, with a wide range of things you need to take care of, especially if you live…

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Speed vs Caution when investing in property – how fast to buy?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-21 simontweddle

We always recommend investors to take their time when investing in property and to do as much diligence as possible. Getting a property investment wrong can…

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Old vs new property – which is a better investment?

Know-how Philosophy 2016-09-13 simontweddle

We're often asked by investors whether they should be buying a new or old property, and which is the better investment. So lets take a look at…

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Real estate agents must change their thinking

News Philosophy 2016-07-28 simontweddle

Simon Tweddle: „ Applicants for a job in the real estate industry need to understand, that it´s not just buy – sell. A agent should first…

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How does Sim Property manage properties across so many locations?

Sim Property provides a one-stop-shop of extensive services for property investors across a wide range of locations, and we're often asked how do we do it…

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