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Full Property Management

Your Property. Managed. End of Story.

  • Complete hands-off service
  • Realtime online systems in 5 languages
  • Integrated service across more than 20 cities
  • Full tenant handling
  • All bill payments
  • Insurance, Maintenance & Accountancy
  • Income & cost optimisation

Property Management – hands-off service across Central Europe

Sim Property is the only company able to provide a comprehensive & integrated property management solution, from small apartments to large buildings, with the latest online reporting across more than 20 major cities of Central Europe:


  • Czech Republic – Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Beroun, Hradec Kralove, Susice …
  • Poland – Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Rzeszów …
  • Slovakia – Bratislava, Trnava, Kosice, Zilina …
  • Bulgaria – Sofia, Ruse …

We provide property investors with a complete, transparent & fully hands-off property management service, which:

  • makes property ownership hands-off & hassle free
  • maintains the property & increases its value where possible
  • maximizes the cashflow (increase rents, decrease costs)
  • provides solutions for re-sales, exit strategies & re-investments

All our services follow our principals of keeping things simple and transparent, with no hidden extras. We believe communication is critical and are dedicated to client satisfaction.

We have our own offices & staff on the ground in each location and hundreds of properties under management throughout Central & Eastern Europe, making us one of the largest in the region.

Our wealth of experience and “hands-off” property management service increasingly makes us the first choice for property owners across the region. Our service is designed so that as our client you should need to do very little apart from read your property management report and collect our regular payments.

As a client of Sim Property you will get advanced reporting via access to our unique online property management system. Our system gives us a huge edge over our competitors in terms of efficient organisation, clear reporting and client satisfaction. Find our more why both we and our clients love it!

Contact us for more information about our property management services and on how we can help you take the hassle out of managing your property.

We make sure your property runs smoothly - see what's included in our service here ...

Property Management What's included?
Rental payments - collect & monitor
Rent collection and active chasing of the tenant for unpaid rent. Calculation of late payment penalties. All money is held in a separate client account.
Rental deposit - hold & arbitrate
Holding the deposit and looking after the landlord's interests to ensure necessary monies are retained due to unpaid rent/bills/maintenance.
Reporting - detailed accounting statements (online)
Detailed functionality allowing you to see month by month statements of incomes & costs, broken down into each specific type. Ability to export all payments to excel.
Reporting - 24/7/365 online access to full property details
The latest advanced online reporting keep you well informed and up to date.
Client care - personal property manager
Each client is assigned a personal property manager who will be your main point of contact for anything you need with all your properties in a certain country.
Client care - communication in English
All our staff speak fluent English.
Admin - Hold & manage keys
Keys are safely stored and labelled in our office using our key tracking system.
Admin - Store property documentation
All documents related to your property are efficiently stored and categorised in our office.
Admin - Property post collection, scanning & processing
All post related to the property is collected at our offices, scanned and filed as appropriate. Clients can also use our Banking Management Service for their bank related post.
Maintenance - 24/7/365 service for essential maintenance
We handle both regular planned maintenance and emergency maintenance whatever the time of day.
Maintenance - database of proven contractors
Over the years we've built up a list of reliable contracts we can work with on a wide range of jobs. Finding reliable, good quality and reasonably priced contractors is very difficult, and once found are worth their weight in gold, saving you many stressful hours.
Maintenance - property inspections & visits
SIM does regular checks of your property to ensure its been kept in good condition. All checks are documented in detail.
Maintenance - revisions & checks for technical installations
We ensure all parts of your property are checked in line with local laws. From gas boilers in apartments, to lifts in whole buildings we maintain and organise a schedule of required checks to ensure your property is kept up to date.
Tenants - check-in, handover protocol & inventory report
After finding a new tenant it is very important that a detailed handover protocol is done to document the exact condition & contents of the property, and ensure that meter readings are taken. Without this its very difficult to get the tenant to pay for repairs or unpaid bills when they leave.
Tenants - 24/7/365 service, primary contact & handle queries
We will handle all communication with your tenant, so you don't have to. Tenants often have a large range of questions and issues that need to be solved at all times of the day and night.
Tenants - dispute mediation with Owner
Tenants can have complaints about the property they are living in or require changes to their rental contracts. Its our job to ensure this is correctly handled and look after the landlords interests.
Tenants - chase any unpaid rent (email, phone, sms)
It is vital that tenants know clearly in advance what/when they should pay the rent. Should this not happen on time we have all rents tracked through our online system so we know immediately if they are late, we then vigorously chase the tenant to ensure the rent is paid up to date.
Tenants - issue warning notices for any breach of tenancy
Should the tenant not keep the terms of their contract then we issue warning notices (which if ignored would ultimately lead us to terminate the rental contract and remove the tenant).
Tenants – check-out, handover & inspection report
Similarly to check-ins its important to have a well documented handover of the property from the tenant. Any differences from the original condition are noted and accounted for in the tenants final reconciliation of their account.
Bills - deal with utility companies
We deal with all communication with relevant utility companies connected with the property.
Bills - transfer of utility bills to tenant or owner if required
When a tenant moves in or out of a property the name on utility bills often needs to be changed. We handle this whole process.
Bills - track & pay all bills related to the property
We collect, track and pay all bills connected with the property on behalf of the landlord, which saves a huge amount of time for the landlord. This data is then available in realtime in our online system. It's important to ensure bills are paid on time to ensure debts do not build up which could lead to late payment penalties and repossession of the property.
Bills - reconciliations
It is common that some bills stay in the landlords name yet relate to the tenants usage. We do regular reconciliations of all bills to ensure the tenant pays the correct amount according to their usage.
Bills - payment of contractor invoices from rent/reserve fund
Not only do we pay utility bills on behalf of the landlord but also all other suppliers such as maintenance contractors.
Bills - track & pay any property & other local taxes
We track and pay, on behalf of the landlord, local taxes required due to property ownership, such as property tax.
Tenancy renewal - advice & rent review
When the tenants contract nears the end we advise the landlord about the current state of the rental market, the tenant behaviour and best steps to proceed in order to renew the rental contract.
Tenancy renewal - extension documents & negotiation (Reletting)
We negotiate the rent for the next rental period with the tenant, then prepare necessary amendments to the rental contract. Reletting fees apply.
Tenancy renewal - inspection
When the tenancy renewal is arranged by SIM we also do an inspection (before the rental contract amendment is signed) to ensure the tenant is keeping the property in satisfactory condition.
Insurance - arrange property & contents insurance
We can arrange necessary insurance for your property to cover you in case of disaster (note it is often a condition of your mortgage bank to have valid property insurance). When then track these payments to ensure they are paid on a regular basis.
Insurance - deal with claims
Should it be necessary to handle make an insurance claim we will handle this for you, including providing all necessary documentation to the insurance company and chasing them to ensure they pay out the correct amount.
Energy performance certificates
We can arrange for an energy performance certificate for your property. Sometimes this is required by law in certain cases depending on the country.
Dealing with local authorities
It can often be necessary to deal with the local authority in the area your property is located in. We become the main point of contact for the local authority and deal with any issues that may arise.
Vote on the owners committee for the building
For apartments in buildings with shared ownership, we will vote on the landlords behalf about necessary issues when committee meetings take place.

Complete Property Services

In all our locations, in addition to property management, also we provide:

  • Property Sourcing – finds you the best investments for your budget
  • Completion services – gets properties completed, snagged, handed over, insured, bills set up & tax registered
  • Kitchens & Furnishings – full range of kitchens & furnishings available to suit all types of properties and budgets
  • Fitouts & Renovations – fits out unfinished properties with bathrooms, floors, doors, paint etc
  • Mortgages – finance for your investment property
  • Rentals – gets your property rented fast
  • Sales – complete sales service throughout Central Europe

Client Testimonials

  • Hi Anna, I have to say, your company has been so professional and the service has been simply excellent. Kind regards Imad Ferzoli

    Imad Ferzoli - Lodz, PL

  • Sim Property group has been particularly helpful in identifying quality real estate investments in Wroclaw and managing them. Their information system is state of the art and helps keeping control of the situation from a distance. In any case, SPG is reactive to any incident so that there is no need to worry about anything. In summary I would not have considered investing in Poland without the outstanding support of SPG. Patrick L, France

    Patrick Laredo - Wroclaw, PL

  • Hi Simon, Excellent news - after your advice, I sent them an email explaining my situation, they agreed not to charge me a fee! I would like to thank you very much for your advice. I'd like to show my appreciation by sending you some money for your time and advice. Please send your account information and i'll send you a xmas bonus! Thanks again, Robert Foster

    Rob Foster - Prague, CZ

  • Simon I have logged on to my online account and it is very impressive and userfriendly. Thanks Neel

    Neel Sahai - Brno, CZ

  • It is very hard to find good honest analysis in this field. Not only is your analysis very trustworthy it also offers very valuable insights. Dibbo

    Dibbo Khan - CZ

  • Hi Simon Thanks for yet another market report, best in class. Mads

    Mads Larsen - Prague, CZ