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Finding a tenant quickly enough to reduce voids yet at the right rental level is critical to the ongoing success of your property investment.

Sim Property’s pan Central & Eastern European tenant finding service gets your property rented out quickly and at the best price possible (throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Bulgaria).

Our tenant finding service does everything it takes to get you the right tenant:

  • assesses the appropriate price achievable for the property
  • markets the property for rent (using a wide range of unique marketing activities)
  • shows prospective tenants around the property
  • negotiates with the tenants
  • signs secure contracts with the new tenants
  • installs the new tenants in the property

We have built a large database of tenants (both foreign and local), and combined with our market knowledge and online rental data we are well positioned to get your property rented to the right tenant.

Naturally the key, to any successful property investment, is always to find the right tenant in the first place – and this is our main focus.

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Our rental contracts are as secure as they can be and are written to protect the landlords interests. Our standard rental contract includes, for example, clauses that require tenants to pay for minor fixes in the apartment, late rent payment penalties (which we regularly enforce) and penalties for any damage caused. We always take at least one months security deposit.

When we are managing the property, if any problems do arise we always take a pragmatic approach in resolving the situation, though in situations when tenants simply do not pay we have successfully pursued them through the courts and fully understand the tricks in the process to obtain a quick and favourable outcome for the landlord.

Our track record and rate of success make us very confident that we can get your property rented quickly & efficiently, throughout:

  • Czech Republic: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Beroun & Hradec Kralove
  • Slovakia: Bratislava, Zilina, Kosice
  • Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Katowice, Lodz & Poznan
  • Bulgaria: Sofia, Bansko, Sunny Beach

Contact us if you need to get your property rented, advice on the rental market or a detailed rental valuation.